Dublin City Interfaith Forum.

World Refugee Day.

World Refugee Day was celebrated on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin beside the Famine Memorial which depicts a collection of haunting figures commemorating the most profound disaster in Irish history which saw the population of the country halved through death and emigration. It was designed and crafted by Dublin Sculptor Rowan Gillespie.  It was a poignant moment and an ideal setting for the Interfaith Forum to come and pray together for our fractured world.

The Dublin City Interfaith forum was founded ten years ago in response to the increasing diversity seen in the city. It aims both to promote greater understanding between faith communities and to bring those communities together to work on common issues such as care for the earth, a welcome for migrants and refugees and as a place where faith communities can dialogue together with an increasingly secular society.

There are seven major world faiths represented on the forum  – Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jewish and Sikh, with different strands of each tradition also represented. Thanks to Michael O’Sullivan from The Columban Centre, for arranging this prayer service.

Almighty God,

strengthen the hands of those who pursue peace, not war.

Bring harmony where there is hostility;   

relief where there is pain and hope where there is despair.

May He who makes peace in high places

Make peace for all on earth.

May this be your will

And let us say Amen.


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