Sr. Rose’s words of Welcome at Sr. Redempta’s Funeral Mass.

On behalf of the Sisters here in Magheramore, it is my privilege to welcome you all and in particular, to welcome you, Sr. Redempta’s brothers: Fr. Simon, Dan and James; Sisters-in-law:Peggy and Eileen; extended family and her many friends who have come to say farewell to your beloved Mína.

Welcome also to her priests friends the Columban Fathers; to Sr. Clare Slattery; to our valued Staff members and our own Sisters who travelled to be with us. 

Our gratitude to our resident Chaplain Fr. John Hickey, who will lead us in our liturgy, together with our priest concelebrants.

Redempta…a woman at home with the Word – in all its manifestations:

God’s Word as read in nature

God’s inspired Word in the Scriptures

The spoken word

The written word

The silent word

and above all –The Incarnate Word…

The Incarnate One, who took possession of her young heart and whom she followed, lovingly, relentlessly to far-flung lands and back with alacrity of body, mind and heart….

He becoming a lamp for her feet and a light for her path and she delighting in singing His praises and His glory.

Singing the praises of the Trinity – her final ‘word’ to us in the Jan/Feb ‘Far East’ 2020.

Redempta writes: 

“What is the first thing you did this morning?  Probably, though still only half awake you made the Sign of the Cross.  And the last thing at night before settling down to sleep?  The Sign of the Cross.  Our lives begin with this sign when at baptism our foreheads are signed with the cross; and when we die in the faith this sign will be given as a final gesture.  For many the cross will mark our graves as we await the resurrection.  We begin every Mass, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”


And now… O WHAT JOY!

Seeing Jesus face to face –

Lover has met the Beloved…

NO WORDS are needed now.

We are happy for you dear Redempta.

And thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Farewell RT.


Glóir, moladh agus buíochasduit, Íosa, a Íosa


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