“You must always hold on to God, the deep, hidden, lofty almighty God”
St. Columban

“The spirit of the congregation will be that of all embracing charity and no effort should be spared to meet various demands which may arise.”
Mother Mary Patrick

“Lord, accomplish what is good in me; grant me what I know I need.”
St. Columban

The work is God’s work. Not yours or mine. We happen to be the instruments…God is behind the whole thing and he will see it through. The watch word now is forward. Full steam ahead”
Fr. John Blowick

“If you wish to know the creator, understand the creation”
St. Columban

We must make everyone a woman in her own right –she must be a woman and a woman of God.”
Dr. Michael O’ Dwyer SSC

“This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you.”
Jn 15.12

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