“We are Companions on the Journey”.

The words of this hymn is apt as we thank Bruce and Bryce Carbon, Sr. Anne C    brother and nephew, for the sacrifice they made in training and running in the Berlin Marathon for the missions of the Columban Sisters on September 29th 2019 which is also the Foundation Day of the Congregation.


This was their second time running for us.  They travelled from Canada to Ireland two years ago and now this year 2019, to Berlin. They share in the mission of the Columban Sisters and as the hymn says:

No longer strangers to each other,
No longer strangers in God’s House;
We are fed and we are nourished
by the strength of those who care,
By the strength of those who care.

We have been gifted each other,
And we are called by the Word of the Lord:
To act with justice, to love tenderly
And to walk humbly with our God,
To walk humbly with our God.
Bruce and Bryce persevered to the end with purpose and determination to reach their goal. Their sense of purpose gave them resilience and patience on the tough road that has made all the difference in their lives and in the lives of others.  They were motivated not to quit when the rain fell on them as they ran but their commitment to mission carried them over the thresholds of pain as they reached their final goal.

May the Lord bless Bruce and Bryce abundantly in their self-giving for the sake of those less well off in our world.


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