Pakistan Christmas Letter. 2017


Greetings from Pakistan this Blessed Christmas Season!

We often feel that there can be a lot of suffering at Christmas time and yet Christmas makes sense only if we can see that the baby in the manger was born into a very dark world. On the one hand, we have the shepherds and angels joyful at his birth. On the other hand, his family had to run for their lives into a desolate place in Egypt while Bethlehem became a killing field.

The child in the manger was their light in deep darkness.

This brings to mind the plight of the Rohingyas, the thousands fleeing Iraq, Syria and Egypt in boats heading for Europe and trafficked along the way. Also, as we look at these pictures taken last Sunday in Quetta, Pakistan, where IS attacked a full church, while a Sunday School Christmas programme was taking place. All one can say is: who will pick up the pieces?   


Is there hope for a joyful Christmas for those who are facing such pain, sorrow, difficulty and fear?

The child in the manger is our light in deep darkness.

Here in Pakistan, the heart is knocked out of Christmas at the moment, as police and army protect our churches because after this event fear entered into the heart of every Christian across the country. But in spite of all, every one here knows that the joy of Christmas is not dependent on circumstances. It is that rock-solid, unshakable peace that is the joy that the Christ child brought to us. That is why the angel announced: “I bring you good tidings of great JOY that shall be to all people.” So, those who are suffering in any way during this Christmas season, can indeed experience the joy of Jesus’ presence with us.

The child in the manger is our light in deep darkness.

“The people who walked in darkness

Have seen a great Light”.


                                                         Let us too walk in THE LIGHT!