Tribute given by Carmencita Aldana Viscocho

I am a pure bred product of schools runs by the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban; my elementary and high school at Malate Catholic School, in Manila, my college and graduate studies at Immaculate Conception College, Ozamiz City, Philippines.  I taught at ICC and remained with the Sisters for 25 years despite offers of higher pay from other schools both private and public because my heart and my conscience would not allow me to leave.

I saw the dedication and sincerity of the Sisters to their mission.  I witnessed how they sacrificed and even risked their lives just to get to the remotest areas covered by the mission.  Their life is far from easy.  I have been to Midsalip, Zamboanga Del Sur, during the time of Sr. Ita Hannaway and noticed their not so comfortable living but they were very happy educating the Subaneens.  Once on my way to school, I saw Sister Clement Sheehy riding behind the motor cab driver because nobody offered her a seat.  Even our Sister Inday Bernad and Sister Teresita Bernad in their old age, used to travel to different parts of the archdiocese in uncomfortable transport bearing dust and heat because they didn’t have limousines or luxurious cars to carry them around.

These are but a few of the manifestations of the Columban Sisters’ dedication to their evangelical mission that I will cherish. For these we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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