Today’s Gospel calls us to a radical awakening; a taking stock of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We are called to be prepared and alert, that embracing the Kingdom of God is not a passive experience, or indeed a ticking of a box exercise; I went to Mass – check; I gave money to charity – check. Jesus demands more of us; He is asking for our very being – All that I am!

We are to put God first and surrender all our attachments to Him – our family, power, possessions. It is not so much that we aren’t to love them; rather, we have the freedom through God to be in the right relationship with the world when we put God first. Embracing the cross is daunting and frightening at first sight, however, God wants the best for us, and we are not left alone if we choose to follow Him. We pray today to trust in God.

Siobhain Tighe is a Parish Pastoral Worker of the Archdiocese of Dublin with responsibility for Youth Evangelisation

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