Photo by Anne Mendoza

‘See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands. You are continually before me.’ ~Isaiah 49:16

There are many holy wells to be found throughout Ireland. One that has frequent visitors is the well of St Gobnait at Ballyvourney in Co.Cork . It is a place of quiet reflection that bubbles with the gentle presence of God. Many do the rounds, by walking and praying. There are rocks everywhere with deep imprints of crosses as people rub the imprint with a sharp stone. It is a quiet ritual that touches something deep within.

We are told that each of us is carved upon the hands of God. It means that everything we do matters to God. God has chosen us, we are loved, special and unique. God will never forget any of us. We will always be in God’s tender loving care. Even when life throws everything at us, God will never do so. We will be helped to find balance and calm through everything we have to face each day. Anne Costa puts it so well when she says that with a whisper, God can make us whole. We may be off balance today for different reasons but we pray to God to help us to be open to those whispers of God’s gentle presence all around us.Easter is a reminder of these many whispers.

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