“We sometimes have to experience pain for us to have a story to tell. The power to heal from the pain equips us with the strength to rise up again and move beyond it all. We must learn from pain and let it lead us to the most beautiful parts of our journey in life. Only then can our stories become fully complete.” ~Kemi Sogunle

Maps have been around for hundreds of years since the first explorers started discovering different parts of our world. Today maps have been replaced more by satellite navigation systems. We’re told they’re more reliable and accurate in getting us to our destination. But modern technology and different maps can never tell us the feel of a road and its character. The only way to find out is by travelling along it. We are about to begin our journey through Holy Week. As we travel the road of Holy Week we are invited to allow it to touch and be part of our lives. We might be tempted to say, I know that story, I have been there before and I don’t think it offers me much anymore. But there are many parts of it that can meaningfully touch our lives.


 On Good Friday Jesus holds all the thorns of our life, all the pain, the hurt, the disappointments, the darkness and the setbacks. Everything is held in his outstretched arms. But most important is how the cross became a sign of hope thanks to the Resurrection. The journey of Holy Week will lead us to Easter. We are entering an important week so important we call it a sacred week. We are invited to walk the road of Holy Week at our own pace. Our own story is very much in there.

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