The Columban Sisters held their Chapter in July 2017, at which they elected a new Central Leadership Team.

Sisters: Kathleen Geaney, Susanna Choi, Rebecca Conlon and Angela Yoon.


Susanna Choi is the new Congregational Leader. From Young Am, Guang Ju Diocese South Korea, Susanna, a nurse, studied in England and Ireland She is one of the first group of Columban sisters that returned to Myanmar in 2003. She began a programme in health care and education, training local people in the Myitkyina area. This is of immense value to the villagers, most of whom had no access to a doctor. She also works with others at preventing malaria. Her ministry takes her on long distances and she travels by bike, car and boat to reach outlying areas.

Angela Yoon from Seoul, South Korea, was sent to the Philippines for a term and later came to Dublin where she studied theology. After her studies she was sent to China where she in engaged in retreat work and related education with the Christian community. With a facility in the language she is able to minister to many people and help them in their journey.

Rebecca Conlon, from Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, is one of the first group of Columban sisters who went to Pakistan 1990. She spent some years in Korea and was also novice mistress in Ireland. Today Rebecca works with the Christian community in Pakistan, setting up and helping in various programmes, especially for women, as well as leading on-going formation courses.

Kathleen Geaney, from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, a teacher, was for several years on mission in the Philippines before helping to open an international novitiate in Birmingham, UK. After a spell as Congregational Leader she was sent to Myanmar where she has been teaching and is in on-going dialogue with the Buddhists for some years.

Delegates of the 15th General Chapter 2017



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