This Commemorative Bell was cast in Italy to mark the 1400th Anniversary of the death of St. Columban in 615.   It has come to Ireland (through Cork) as a contribution to the Turas Columbanus – The Columban Way – i.e. the  Irish stage of the Cultural Route to Bobbio where St. Columbanus died.

Before coming to Magheramore, the Bell was in the parish of Myshall Co. Carlow, in the shadow of Mount Leinster, where it is believed that St. Columban was born.

PJ Fox from Myshall Parish kindly brought the bell to Magheramore last March 24th and it resided in the Cottage for 3 days and then was brought to the main house on Friday March 27th.


PJ Fox and the Columban Sisters-CLT
PJ Fox and the Columban Sisters-CLT

Visit of Anna Keegan from IMU
Visit of Anna Keegan from IMU

Visit of Muriel McSorley, Magheramore Secretary
Visit of Muriel McSorley, Secretary , Magheramore
            20150327_154733_001                      The Bell is carried…            20150327_163615        …to the Chapel     bellchime                     …and its chime resounds  


Following prayer in the Chapel, the Sisters hand over the bell to the Knights of St Columbanus for the ongoing journey as described below …


From Bray, the journey will continue to Maynooth, then on to Dalgan Park, Navan and Cleenish in Co. Fermanagh, where St. Columban studied; to Armagh and then on to Bangor from where Columban set sail on his missionary journey to Europe. In Bangor, it will no doubt play a prominent part in the centenary celebrations of the Knights of Columbanus before eventually arriving in Bobbio, Italy, where St. Columban died and is buried.From Magheramore, the Bell has been brought to Bray Parish by the Knights of St. Columbanus who are organizing this journey of the Bell.