St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home

Celebrating the Season of Creation.


We are situated right on Lake Erie with extensive grounds and an abundant variety of trees & shrubs.

Some have graced and protected  the property for years, while  at least 22 different varieties were  planted 10 years ago marking our 40 years of Mission here in this rural, quiet spot in Western New York.

Now Fall has officially arrived, a festival of colour is unfolding as Fall brings out the wonder of Creation/nature, already we are seeing reds, russets, orange, yellow among the green leaves. Those of you who are familiar with St. Columban’s know well the symphony of colour that will delight us.

This year St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home “Where the spirit of life is ageless” is celebrating 50 years of Loving Care poured out by Sisters, Staff and Volunteers on Adults who are well but needing care in their Retirement Years.

Thanks to our Congregation we  are planting 50 trees honouring our 50 years of Missionary life and our Congregational  commitment towards the  healing of our Common Home.


On the Birthday of Our Lady, September 8th, our Community along with John Stonefoot Director of Grounds here for 40 years and other representatives of our staff gathered near the Lake ‘in the living cathedral of the universe’ for the Planting of the first tree, a TUPELO TOWER BLACK GUM – a Native tree which grows to a height of 30-40ft, and width of 20-25 ft. Its foliage turns red & orange in Fall. Each Sister was given a leaf full of clay which she then laid at the foot of the newly planted tree.


We enjoyed the shade of the older trees nearby as the brilliant September sun shone on us and majestic eagles glided overhead, a moment when we were connected with all life through the good earth beneath our feet and the life flowing in every tree. The young Tupelo is planted close by the spot where an older tree was felled because it was diseased–the cycle of life continues

For our concluding prayer we prayed the SEASON of CREATION 2020 PRAYER.

Also in our liturgies during the month of September, we prayed for greater appreciation and understanding of the call of Laudato Si.   And as we celebrated our special Congregation Day on September 29th we prayed in our Evening Prayer

Creator and ruler of the universe, you entrusted your world to us as a gift.   Help us to care for all people by caring for our common home.”

And this was followed by Psalm 8.


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