Inner Pilgrimage Invitation.

Quotes from St. Columban.


 ‘Life is a real road, broad for some, narrow for others.’      (St. Columban Sermon 5)

 ‘We do not seek a God dwelling far off but a God who abides in us.’  (St. Columban Sermon 1)

 ‘Understand the creation if you want to know the creator.’  (St. Columban Sermon 1)

 ‘Kindle our lamps so that our personal darkness and the world’s may be driven away.’  (Sermon 12)

 ‘Whether we are Franks, Irish or Britons or whatever race, we are members of one body.’(St. Columban to French Bishops)

 ‘Let us eat with the poor, drink with the poor, share with the poor.’ (St. Columban Sermon 7)

 ‘May no one and no thing separate us from the love of Christ.’(St. Columban Sermon 4)

 ‘In the name of our common Lord, please allow me to remain in silence in these woods.’ (St. Columban to French Bishops)

‘We are guests in this world, not just travellers but pilgrims.’ (St. Columban Sermon 1)


  Wishing all our benefactors, families, co-workers and readers a blessed St. Columban’s Day and we thank you for supporting us and being part of our mission.

Meet you on the Way.

Columban Sisters.  

St. Columban, Knock Basilica, Ireland.


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