St. Columban


” Let us be Christ’s and not our own.”for we are not our own; for we were brought at a great price,

 a very great pricewhen the Lord was given for a slave, a king for a servant. and God for humankind.

 St.Columban Sermon


St. Columban is the patron saint of the Columban Missionaries. He was an Irish monk who lived in the sixth century and went as a missionary to mainland Europe. There the practice of religion had collapsed.

Columban and his companions began to preach the Gospel message far and wide. Soon they became very well known and had a great influence on the practice of religion in Europe. He founded monasteries all over Southern Europe but because of his outspoken condemnation of immoral and unjust behavior, particularly of the powerful, he was made to suffer much and was often driven from his monastery by kings and princes.

Columban was a person who combined a deep spiritual life of union with God and an all-consuming zeal for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Today, this spirit continues to inspire and challenge us, Columban Sisters that bear his name.  Columban died in placecalled Bobbio in Northern Italy on November 23, 615



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