Some of the Columban Lay Missionaries, Priests and Sisters who staffed The Columban Stand at International Eucharistic Congress Exhibition in the Royal Dublin Showgrounds



Columban Sister pioneers of the Ayacucho Mission, Mary Nolan and Anne Carbon, host Archbishop Pinerio at the Columban Stand. Mary contributed this account about the Columban Stand


Sister Lucia So Yim Mei is happy to promote the FAR EAST Magazine among visitors to the Exhibition


More Columban Missionaries together for the Exhibition…


“Lord, we are sorry…”


Prayer on the stone which was a central feature of the IEC2012 in recognition of and reparation for the abuse commited against children and young people by Church personnel

IEC 2012

The patrons named for the Eucharistic Congress 2012 in Dublin were Sts. Columban, Mary McKillop and Margaret Ball – a lesser known saint who harboured many priests on the run during Penal times in Ireland and paid the ultimate price for her efforts.

The Columbans were offered free space on the second floor of the Exhibitions’ Hall to put up a Stand to exhibit something of the life St. Columban.  About 4 months ago Fr. Pat Raleigh invited the Columban Sisters to join with the Columban Fathers and the Columban Lay Missionaries in preparing the stand.

At our first meeting, where Patricia McGuinness and I were representing our Congregation, we were able to get a general sense of what might be included in the portrayal of our patron.  There would be large banners showing Columban’s life journey from Wexford to Cleenish and Bangor, and then in his 50’s setting out with his companion monks to mainland Europe.   The banners too would show something of Columban’s Legacy, naming many groups throughout Ireland and Europe who today bear some form of the name ‘Columban’.  And of course present day Columban missionaries would be portrayed.  Some other materials would be provided including booklets on St. Columban, bookmarks, Far East Magazine and the new book by Fr. Aidan Larkin SSC:


Many meetings later the exhibition had taken shape and on Sat. 9th June we gathered to set it up.  We could be proud to attend in this stand where our patron, Monk and Missionary, was so well portrayed.  A rota was followed and the team with many volunteers were in attendance from 9am to 7pm each day of the week.  A glance at our visitors’ book gives some indication of the number and variety of people who came to our stand.  On Sat., the last day of the exhibition as I was there, I met a bishop from Brunei, Carmelite Sisters from Zimbabwe (their Congregation was founded by Carmelite Bishop Lamont), numerous Filipinos, Africans, Sri Lankans as well as many Europeans, English and Irish.  The last visitor whom I met there was a priest from our neighbouring parish in Dublin who reminded me of how the Ven. Matt Talbot sent his last pound to the Columbans for mission in China.

In all it was a wonderful week, and the theme of the Congress, “Communion with Christ and with one another” came alive for us in our Columban team work around our patron.  As our Ayacucho Archbishop Pinerio Garcia Calderon who was present might say: ‘Que viva San Columbano!’


Sisters Patricia McGuinness, Nuala Raleigh and Bermardine Rush enjoying the great atmosphere during the IEC2012 Congress Exhibition Week


… the initial work of setting up the Stand complete


Columban Sister Vicky Ryan staffing the Stand of the Community Cenacolo (Knock) for which she works

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