I felt so blessed to be invited by our alumni of St. Columban College, Lingayen, and Pangasinan to be part of their Alumni Grand Reunion in Las Vegas on May 27-29 of this year with the theme: Let’s Spend some time, Connect, Celebrate. The theme reminds me of the SSC initials as I reflect during the gathering the deeper meaning of the initials: Letter S for the Spirit which the students had received through the years of their early formative Christian and educational values from our Sisters since we were founded in Lingayen. The letter C is to connect and be re-connected with the past, the recent past classmates and schoolmates. The other letter C is to celebrate with gratitude for the blessings received as the “cream of the crops.”

Some of them, to name the few were successful in their family life, vocations and professional fields: about 150 alumni attended. George Estrada came from the earliest class of 1952, Elizabeth De la Cruz Estrada class 1954, a scholar sent to the U.S. by the school. The organizing community were three lovely women: Eldie Castillo of class 1956, Gloria de Vera of class 1977 and Thelma Guevarra of class 1959.

Familiar faces gave great support like the encouragement of Dr. Cesar Lopez and wife Cristina, Donna and Jess Abalos, Sonia Godwin, Annie and Wally are very faithful supporting our annual spring festival in Silver Creek.


Sonia, Donna and husband Jess Abalos.

Our Sisters Michael Mongey, Joy Carmody, Gerald Sloan, Claire O’Rourke and Mary Radcliffe who served in the school were cherished with gratitude. It was a celebration of life, gratitude, and joy of caring, sharing like the apostles on the feast of the Pentecost, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and sent forth to, proclaim the Gospel within their family, community and work places like:

* Father Wenceslao Abalos, class 1973 is now associate pastor at St Luke’s Parish in Ontario, Canada.

* Sister Blanca Sagles, class 1965 is a Sister of Providence in California.

* Titus Verzosa, class 1968 is actively involved for many years as choir director in the Parish of St Mary Queen of the Apostles, California and has received the Benemerinti Medal an honour awarded by Pope to members of clergy and laity for services to the Catholic Church.


The organizers: Gloria de Vera, Eldie Castillo , Thelma Guevarra with Cristina, Sonia and Annie

It was very generous and inspiring of our alumni for giving back to the Church their services and financial support to us Columban Sisters. One gave his winning voucher after his luck in one of the slot machines!!!!

I end my reflection with the lines from St. Matthew’s reading: “Give them something to eat”….. Made a big difference for the alumni that they had their desires fulfilled and had contentment in the loving mercy of God through the Columban Sisters presence of seeing possibilities in every opportunity  for many years at St. Columban College, Lingayen.

Salamat ya balbaleg ed sika yon amin.


by: Sr. Virgie Mozo, SSC

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