remillard_roberta_ripSister Roberta Remillard died peacefully in the German Nursing Home, West Roxbury, MA, USA, on Friday 15 August 2014.

Lord, we ask you to receive our Sister Roberta into the eternal joy of your Kingdom. As she endeavoured to honour you during her life, so now allow her to taste the everlasting happiness which you promised to your faithful followers. Amen

Funeral Mass was celebrated in St John Chrysostom Parish Church, 4750 Washington St., West Roxbury, on Wednesday, 20 August followed by interment in the local  cemetery.


Words of Remembrance By Sr. Virgie Mozo


My thanks to you, Father Charlie Flaherty SSC as Chief Celebrant and Con-Celebrants Fathers John Burger SSC, Paul O’Malley SSC, Joe McSweeney SSC, Tae Moon Kwun SSC.  Bill Sullivan SSC and Fr. Roland.

Good morning to each one of you.

As we gather today for this celebration of the life and death of Sr. Roberta Remillard we are particularly aware of Roberta’s two brothers, Lany and wife Pat and Jim and wife Joan and her sister Blanche who is in California, all of whom will miss her very much. Our deepest sympathy goes out to you and also to her nephews and nieces.  We ask the God of all consolation to be with you at this difficult time.


Sister Roberta, or Vivian to her family, was a Columban Sister for 58 years. Therefore the Columban Family will also miss her because of her friendship with many of us down through the years.

We thank God for her long and fruitful life as a nurse in the U.S. service.  We are particularly aware of her dedication to her mother whom she nursed in her final years.

Sr. Roberta entered an Irish Congregation, the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban through which she gave dedicated service to many people in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

From the time she became a resident at the German Homes, we sisters visited and accompanied her. Thank you Sisters Evelyn, Stephanie, Ruth, Claire, Amy, Pat, Margaret Devine, Margaret Holleran and Winnie. Our thanks also to the staff of the German Center for the extended care for our Sister.

Just few weeks ago, before I left for Buffalo, New York, I went to see her. She told me “I have a JOB for you.” I was amused when she said this to me. What job? Or task or work is she giving me?


Later as I ponder the word JOB it brought me the deeper meaning of her life. It was an acronym for The Joy Overflowing Beyond.   Joy beyond from the unknown to the known, from the unfamiliar to the familiar from the pain to joy.  As a missionary she went beyond the boundaries of language, culture, ethnics and beliefs.  She accepted the challenge of insertion into ways of living to which she ministered to the people of the Philippines and particularly for many years in Hong Kong.

I’d like to share with you some messages which I received from Sisters and friends in the Columban Community from different parts of the world:

From Wicklow Ireland … And I quote:


I worked with Roberta for many years in Hong Kong. She was a great children’s nurse and ran her ward very efficiently.  I also remember her as being very generous in training in the new Sister nurses and in showing them how we managed things.  Sr. Mary Damien


From Peru, South America…

I knew Roberta fairly well as I had lived with her in Cass Street.  She was a very, very gifted woman and I always enjoyed being in her company.  Right now, as I write I can picture her in her room in Cass Street with not a thing out of place and ever so neat and tidy.  I remember that when I was leaving the U.S. she prepared a little tin box for me with all the things that anyone could need for small sewing jobs.  I still have it and still use it.  Sr. Mary O’Dea

From Korea

We remember Sr. Roberta who was a dedicated Missionary in all she undertook for the Congregation.  Sr. Nora Wiseman

From Ireland

I feel privileged to have shared life with her in her healthy and active days in West Roxbury.  I used to tell her to please not climb on a chair to clean the kitchen cupboards.  Finally we got a stepladder!! She was a great lady and a wonderful handywoman around the house.  We enjoyed life together there in the 90’s. Sr. Eileen Rabbitte

Indeed those where the JOB: the Joy Overflowing Beyond,  Just as our Blessed Mother, in the song

O with what Joy we Sing of Mary a Woman of Great Love and Faith….

Sr. Roberta died on the Feast of the Assumption the same date  as our mother foundress Mother Mary Patrick Moloney, who died in Ireland of August 15, 1959,  a beautiful day to remember,  a beautiful day joining her parents, siblings and Columban Sisters who have gone before us.

Sr. Roberta, true to her motto “Jesus, His Will Is Our Peace” she died peacefully reciting the holy mystery of the rosary. Another great Columban Sister has entered into the fullness of life.  May she reap the fullness of her reward with the Risen Christ. Amen





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