Sr. DSCF0018Sabina Choi in Peru


Where I am working is Peru, Province of Canchis, department of Cuzco, Jurisdiction of Sicuan, district of Combapata which is 3500 altitude, Parish San Nicolas. This parish has around ten small chapels in the villages or on the mountains. I visit five chapels (communities) every once a week and have a meeting with children and young people to share about who God is and help children to prepare for baptism and first communion, and

also I help children’s nutrition for their health and home visiting and same time I support young people’s education and accompany their spiritual journey.


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DSCN8309 Sr. Theresa Kim in Myanmar

 I am running Kindergarten in Mandalay, Myanmar. I am working with a Good Shepherd Sister and 3 teachers. Our school is for children who are infected or affected by  HIV/AIDS. Some of them are brought by relatives because parents already died.

We focus on education and nutrition of children. We opened this kindergarten June 2011 and 15 children graduated for 2 years. We are planning to have 25 children this year. The parents of children can’t afford for education and transportation as well. So we go around patching children.

We are spending money for education and nutrition. I need to give salary to 3 teachers and one driver and one cook who are working as part time. We lent a car for the transportation.

We are also focus on human development for children. If you would like to help them to grow happily and have quality of life please join us to help. 


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DSC05054The Community of Hope Special Education Centre, Ozamiz, Philippines

This is one of the many developments that were made possible through the generosity of our benefactors

The Community of Hope began in 1993 when two Columban Sisters and a group of student-volunteers discovered many children in the area with special needs and decided to try to help them. With the co-operation of their parents, a Centre was set up in a room given by the diocese, but it was small, with no playing space for the children.  As time went on and the Centre became known, the limited space became seriously overcrowded. In June 2002, the children and the staff moved to a new Centre in an open area with green trees, fresh air, and space for classes within and for play outside. There is a warm and home-like atmosphere which has already made a difference to the children and their families.

This development was made possible because of the generosity of many good friends who responded to our request for help so that the children might have an environment where they could have the best possible opportunity for development. The work has moved on towards being more and more community centered so that gradually the children and their families can become fully accepted and cherished members of their local community.

Another ten years on the Community of Hope (CoH) has now expanded to include a Livelihood and Vocational Department (LVD). On 12 August 2012, the LVD was invited by the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines to participate in the Zamboanga Peninsula Business Conference Trade Fair. This grand and public event provided a great opportunity to showcase the handmade products of the CoH youngsters with disabilities in the midst of many big and famous establishments.  And so, at LVD training never stops as workers and crafters composed of adults with hearing impairment enjoy every chance to learn and be innovative.

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