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within the 50th Anniversay Celebration of the Columban Sisters in Peru

Account by Sister Mary Mulcahy

On December 14th, the 28th anniversary of Joan Sawyer´s death, as part of the celebration  of our 50 years presence in Peru, we, the Columban Sisters, went to the cemetery (called Campo Fe) to pray for Joan and for our deceased Sisters, who had worked in Peru.  As we sat close to the graves, we also remembered the Columban Fathers and a co-worker who are buried beside Joan.


We opened the celebration with the hymn: “We are Companions on the Journey.” Following the Peruvian custom, different Sisters pronounced the name of each of the deceased and all responded: “Present” acknowledging in this way that our loved ones continue to be always present among us


A variety of colored candles were lit and solemnly placed around the graves as we remembered and prayed for each person. Specially chosen bible texts were read reflecting beautifully the lives of the deceased.    We were then invited to share memories of those we had known, a sharing that was deep felt.

With a prayer taken from Revelations 7. 9, 13-17 and the hymn: “The Lord is my Shepherd,” we returned to our communities thanking God for all He has done and is doing for us.

Remembering those who have gone before us...
Remembering those who have gone before us…


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