Silver Jubilee Celebration of Sr. Susanna Choi, Seoul.

September 29th 2019. Sister Susanna Choi, Congregational Leader of the Columban Sisters celebrated her Silver Jubilee in Korea, 2019.

“I thank my God, each time I think of you. And when I pray for you, I pray with joy. …” (Philippians 1. 3). This song fills my mind and heart as I celebrate 25 years of Religious life as a Columban Sister. In Korea, I joyfully shared my Silver Jubilee with my family and Columban Sisters on our 95th Congregational Foundation Day .

Being in my home country, Korea, I was awakened to all my beautiful and moving memories and experiences of life. My beloved parents, who always gave me full trust and support with  any decisions I made, though I was only a little girl to them. My loving 6 sisters, who allowed me to be myself and their families who always journeyed with me by sharing love, joy and struggle from a far distance. My good friends and companions the Columban Sisters, who are called by the same Spirit to be sent and to participate the Christ’s mission in many different countries. I remember all our faithful Columban Sisters who began this Religious Missionary journey before us. All my loyal friends, co-workers and benefactors especially those in Myanmar, helped me to discover who I am and who God is. To all who have journeyed with me and touched my life in a small and a big way; you have gifted me in many different ways. I hope I was a gift to you in some way. I thank each one of you with a grateful heart and ask God’s abundant blessings on you.

Srs. Susanna, Sabina and Mael.

“God has done great things for me …small as I am, poor as I am”(Luke 1. 48-49). As I sing the ‘Magnificat’ with Mary, my heart is full of gratitude and joy, to be called to this privileged and holy Missionary Religious Life.                                                                                                                                The Lord continues whispering to my heart “you are precious in my eyes, I honour you and I love you” (Isaiah 43. 4). The Lord is with me and I have full confidence in Him.

May the Lord continue to lead me and guide me on this joyful and hopeful pilgrim journey into the fullness of life.

Heartiest Congratulations Sr. Susanna on this your Silver Jubilee Year.



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