of Sister Minerva Dangaran in Mindanao on 1 February 2012 and
Sister Virgie Mozo in Manila, Philippines – 11 Febraury 2012

Silver Jubilee

Sisters Minerva and Virgie, who made First Vows as Columban Sisters twenty-five years ago, celebrated their Silver Jubilee with family, friends and community members in Mindanao and Manila respectively. But also came together to share their happiness.In this photo Sr Minerva holds the flag of Korea where she was missioned for many years and where she with other Columban Sisters developed an Ecology and Care of the Earth Project.from 1993-2000. Minerva is currently assigned in the Philippines.

Sister Virgie, holding the United States flag, is currently assigned on Mission Promotion in the United States. Previously she has been on mission in both Chile and Pakistan as well as in the Phillippines

Virgie writes here about the Silver Jubilee Mass

“Last  February 1st there was a thanksgiving Mass for my 25 years as a religious sister. It was  organized by my family in our parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at U.P. Village, Diliman Quezon City. The main celebrant was Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, a Claretian Missionary from Spain.  Our family have known Fr. Gonzalez for more than 40 years. He  blessed our house when we moved in to Quezon City.

For the prelude, a Columban Sisters’ lay associate, Ms Ofie Meneses, read the section of our  Constitutions which gives the historical background surrounding the founding of  the Missionary Sisters of Saint Columban.

Silver Jubilee

In response Sisters Sofia and Venus performed a dance using a net to capture the missionary vocation of bringing to Good News of the Gospel to all people.  We are calledto be fisher of people.

Silver Jubilee

The Net Dance was followed by a procession in which Sister Julietta Choi carried a globe to the Altar.  She was followed by other Sisters and lay missionaries carrying the flags representing the countries in the Columban Sisters who have worked, from Ireland to Pakistan.

In his homily Fr. Gonzalez preached on the theme of John 15: 9-17 which highlights the call for a loving relationship with God the Father and also our continued response to his love.

 Silver Jubilee

 After the homily I renewed my vows.  During the Offertory procession four flags were carried to the altar representing the countries in which I have worked the Philippines, Chile, Pakistan and the U.S.A.  Local fruits, representing the bounty of God’s creation, were also part of the Offertory procession. A crucifix was also carried to the Altar representing those who have gone before us, especially my father who was not with us to celebrate.

A hymn in Spanish – Pescador de Hombres – (Lord when you came to the shore…) was sung during Communion.  In order to have accurate pronunciation the choir was helped by Spanish Claretian priests.
The Prayer to Saint Columban was recited before the final blessing.

Sister Virgie's Renewal of Religious Vows
Sister Virgie’s Renewal of Religious Vows

For the cutting of the Silver Jubilee cake, Sister Virgie and Minerva are joined by Virgie’s brother and sisters

Silver Jubilee

At the celebration meal Sisters Minerva and Virgie share their joy with the Columban Fathers and Fr Gonzalez, ClaretianFrs (front left of picture)

Centre fo the photo with the two Jubilarians is Columban Fr Michael Sinnott who survived a kidnapping by Abu Siaff rebels in the Philippines in the autumn of 2009.

Silver Jubilee

Sisters Minerva (left of group) and Sister Virgie (front row 3rd) with Columban Sisters and family members

Silver Jubilee

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