“The many friends of our Mission will be glad to hear that we have opened our new convent of Sisters in Cahiracon under the direction of the Irish Sisters of Charity.  There were inevitable delays and difficulties in preparing such a foundation, but to-day, thank God, we have seen the commencement of a work which will bear a rich harvest in China.  Unfortunately the house in which the Sisters are living is too small to accommodate all the applicants who have applied.  At present we have only room for thirteen Sisters, but we have received over two hundred applications.  Want of funds prevents us from undertaking any larger building at present, but the work is only in its infancy, and with God’s blessing will grow and develop”. 

-Far East June 1922

As we remember the Entrance day of our first Sisters on 1st February 1922, 94 years ago, we thank God for continually inspiring and gracing us all these years with missionary passion and commitment to continue the work begun by our first Sisters. This calls to mind the wonderful Providence manifested to us through our benefactors and we pray that we will be faithful to continue what has begun.




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