Remembering Mother Mary Patrick on the 60th Anniversary of her Death.

There is an aura of independence flooding us these days as we celebrate the independence of 7 countries in 2 days.  Pakistan yesterday, 14th August;  South Korea, India, North Korea, Congo, Bahrain and Liechtenstein today the 15th . Many are still struggling for freedom because of unfinished business not dealt with many years ago but we put it all under the mantle of Our Lady on this the Feast of the Assumption.

We cannot let today go without remembering the 60th death anniversary of Mother Mary Patrick who comes across bold and brave in Google under such headings as: The Irish nun who survived floods, famines and shipwrecks; Mother Mary Patrick was rescued in a coal bucket after her ship was torpedoed in 1940; Flood, famine, shipwreck – none seemed to slow Mother Mary Patrick’s pace….

 In 1914, Frances came to Dublin where 2,000 Belgian refugees had arrived with the outbreak of the First World War. Some were consigned to workhouses, and Frances became involved in the campaign to seek adequate housing for them. 

In 1918, Frances attended a talk by a Father John Blowick on new missions to China and we know the rest.  She is also featured in the EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum  in Dublin’s Docklands, an interactive museum that tells the story of how the Irish shaped and influenced the world.

The outbreak of war in 1939 didn’t quench her thirst for travel, and, despite the danger, she travelled to the Philippines, China and the US to raise funds.

On her return voyage in 1940, the ocean liner she was travelling aboard was torpedoed, but she survived the wreck, huddled for nine hours on a lifeboat 400 miles west of Scotland. The survivors were rescued by a passing coal boat, and the 67-year-old Mother Mary Patrick was hauled on board in a coal bucket.

Her motto written on her ring at Profession was: In this sign you shall conquer.     

Google has her out there as a daring missionary and on this the 60th anniversary of her death, we are indebted to her for having gone to the Mansion House to listen to Fr. John Blowick, as Ireland at that time was striving for Independence. The Mansion House was the beginning of Missionary Independence!!!  Full Steam Ahead!

May the Lord grant rest to her soul on this the 60th Anniversary of her death.

In this sign you shall conquer.