1. Who  are the Columban Sisters? Tell me about yourselves.

We are a congregation of missionary religious women whose commitment to God leads us to cross boundaries of culture, language and belief to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in today’s world   Read more—–> Who are the Columban Sisters?

1) Our beginnings…

It was because two people shared a vision and answered a similar call that the Missionary Sisters of St Columban came to be.       Read more —–From the beginning…

 2) Our founders:       

Fr. John Blowick and Mother Mary Patrick   Read more —->    Our founders      


3. Who was St Columban?

St. Columban is the patron saint of the Columban Missionaries. He was an Irish monk who lived in the sixth century and went as a missionary to mainland Europe. There the practice of religion had collapsed.   Read more —> Our Patron


4. What are the priorities of the Missionary Sisters of St Columban

The life of missionary service calls for availability and adaptability in relation to the needs and direction of mission and our response to it.    Read more  ——-> Focus on ‘Ways of being’  on mission


5. In which countries are the Columban Sisters now carrying out missionary work?

         ” Go out into the whole world and proclaim the Good News! ”  Mark 16.15   

            we  serve in 11 countries    Read more  ——-> Where we serve


6.  Wondering what to do with your precious life?  (We invite you as a Columban sisters!)

 We invite you to participate in our life and mission as a Columban Sister.    Read more —-> Vocation Invitation


7. Tell me about the Columban Sisters Formation Process

At the heart of the Columban Sister’s way of life is her total dedication of herself to God for the sake of Mission. This is a life-choice made in response to God’s loving invitation.   read more —> Formation process 


8.How can I support the missionary work of the Columban Sisters?

1)  We acknowledge with gratitude that lay people are called by God to share our charism; they are our partners in mission. In our different mission Areas they are known as either Associates, Benefactors, Friends of Columban Sisters or Volunteers.    read more  —-> Associates..

2) Contact us


9.Can I arrange for my donation to be made to the Columban  Sisters /on line /automatically?

Many faithful benefactors like the convenience of using our Automatic Debit Agreement to make regular contributions. We can arrange for your donation to be made directly from your checking account or charged to your credit card. E-mail us through our Contact Us page, and let us know if you want to receive your information by postal mail or e-mail.     Donation online

 10. If I choose to support the Columban Sisters financially, can I specify how my gift is used?  Specific Project

11. Prayer request     Click


If you would like to know more about the Columban Sisters:
E-mail us : weboffice@columbansisters.org