Sr. Enda

Words of welcome by Sr. Susanna Choi,SSC

“On behalf of Columban Sisters, it is my joy and privilege to warmly welcome so many of you here to St. Luke church Edin on this very special occasion of Sr. Im Mi Ju Enda’s Profession of Perpetual Vows. We greatly appreciate the presence of Sr. Josephine Hong, a member of our Congregational Leadership Team, with us today for this celebration.

Sr. Enda with Sr. Josephine Hong, member of the Columban Sister’s Central Leadership Team

Since 1947, you welcomed Columban Sisters and made us part of your family.  You have shared your lives, your faith, your rich culture, heritage and all you have with us.  You have accepted us as we are and enabled us to live out our Missionary Charism amongst you.

Church in Edin, Myitkyina, Myanmar


You have become part of our Columban Sisters family and have a very significant place in our Congregation for almost 70 years. Being able to celebrate Sr. Im Mi Ju Enda’s Profession of Perpetual Vows with you here in Edin today fills us with over flowing joy, gratitude and happiness.


First of all, we welcome you, Your Grace Archbishop Paul Grawng, Your Excellency Bishop Francis Daw Tang, Msgr. Francis Lum Dau, our Korean Priests, our Columban Fathers, and all the Priests, Religious and catechists in Myitkyina Diocese. Thank you for being with us here and joining with us in thanking God for the gifts of vocation through this Eucharistic celebration.


(특별히, 오늘 이 뜻 깊은 자리에 함께하기 위해 먼 한국 제주도에서 오신 엔다 수녀님의 부모님을 진심으로 환영합니다. 엔다 수녀님의 마음의 맨 처음 선교수녀성소의 씨앗을 심어주신 분은 바로 부모님 이시고, 이 씨앗이 자라서 저희 수녀회에 큰 선물이 되게 해주심에 진심으로 감사 드립니다.)

Sr. Enda, her parents and Archbishop Grawng.

We especially welcome you, Sr. Enda’s parents. You have travelled all the way from JeJu Korea to be with us today. We thank you for the gift of Enda to our Congregation. You are the ones who first sowed the seed of Missionary vocation in her heart.


We would like to welcome you, all our beloved neighbors, friends, our companions in Mission and benefactors from near and far. You have walked with us through the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of every day.  Your presence with us today not only makes us very happy, you are an essential part of our celebration.


Sr. Im MiJu Enda was born in JeJu Korea, on Nov. 6 1979.  Her father is Im Young Hun and her mother is Lee Jung Ju. Among the 6 children she is the fourth child in her family.

Sr. Im MiJu Enda started her journey with Columban Sisters on May 1st 2007.

She made her first profession in Seoul Korea on 21st of May 2010.

She arrived in Myanmar on June 23rd 2012 and started her courses in Burmese language in Yangon.

She arrived in Myitkyina on December 31st2012.

So now together, Let us begin our celebration with thanks giving and joy in our hearts.”


Please click below the Homily given by Sr. Kathleen Geaney during the Perpetual Profession of Sr. Enda Im.

Homily for Enda’s profession