Pandemic Surprise and Blessing.

 I would like to share with you a very touching Pandemic Surprise I experienced recently. This special event was a reminder to me of, Pope Francis call to be “Missionary Disciples” no matter where we find ourselves.

Two weeks ago I received an unexpected email from an ex- Legion of Mary couple in Canada. They were both members of my former legion group in Hong Kong around 40 years ago!  We had some 8 to 10 high school young men and 2 young women in our group. When the group finished their University studies, they worked in their various professions in Hong Kong. As time went on some of them moved away from Hong Kong to Canada, Australia and China and so sadly the Legion praesidium was disbanded.

Recently The Hong Kong Legion Council invited all HK legionaries and some ex-members to join them for a special Zoom meeting on September 7th 2020 to recite the Rosary and Legion prayers together at a fixed time as this was the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Legion of Mary in Dublin in 1921.


My friends in Canada rounded up 10 of our former legionaries, now scattered in several different countries. One of them suggested that they try to get in touch with me and invite me to lead them in the Legion prayers as I used to do many years ago!

So, on the afternoon of the 7th we met and I led them in the prayers. There was great rejoicing as we prayed together and afterwards there was great joy and excitement as we shared with each other where we all are now in our life journey.

What a blessing for us all to be able to link up again after so many years.. It was a good reminder too to me of the deep roots of the Legion spirit and friendship, and inspiring that a group of professionals were so happy and grateful for the renewal of friendship and privilege of praying together once again.

Before we parted I reminded them that it was Our Lady who brought us together and especially at this time of the Pandemic.


Sr. Mary Greaney,

Columban Sister.