Sr Roberta enquires about a young mother's health
Sr Roberta enquires about a young mother’s health

List of Updates on the Devasting Floods experienced during 2010 in Pakistan

The links below will bring you to the various reports and updates received through August, September October and November from our Sisters missioned in Pakistan.

Sisters Rebecca Conlon and Roberta Ryan have been describing the situation as they have been witnessing it: how the people have been coping, how the Sisters themselves, including Sisters Marie Galvin and Perlita Ponge, have been involved. And very importantly, in their updates, extending gratitude to all those who have contributed the funds so necessary towards alleviating some of the misery the countless numbers of displaced people are enduring.

10 & 25 August Updates>>>>>>

September update>>>>

October update What did the Sisters find?

Sr Rebecca Conlon meets one family 'at home'
Sr Rebecca Conlon meets one family ‘at home’
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