Mission Sending Ceremony for Sister Anne Carbon and Sister Virgie Mozo


February 25, 2019 was the 33rd anniversary of the EDSA (People’s Power) event in 1986, the day when the Filipinos gathered together to express to the world their love for freedom.

The Columban Sisters had a mission sending ceremony in Rosario Drive for Sister Anne and Sister Virgie who were sent to work with the people of Pakistan and Mexico, who are also longing for freedom in many aspects of their life. 

Fr.Leo Distor, a Columban missionary priest celebrated the Eucharist. Present were- the Columban Sisters , our retired Sisters and their caregivers, family members and friends.

Fr Leo in his homily made reference to the Gospel reading where Jesus breathe the Holy Spirit on the apostles before sending them on their mission and in the same way that the Holy Spirit is now sending Sisters Anne and Virgie to their missions. Below is a special blessing that he gave after he finished his Homily.

“Faithful God, whose life flows through all the seasons.
Bless these women.
Breathe new life in them,
To renew and refresh their spirit.
Warm them with cherished memories
and delight them in the wisdom they share.
Be with them now as they open their hands in a spirit of letting go.
Let their heart hear the whispers of new voices and new learnings.

May they know that they are loved as they had loved.
Gift them with peace and fill them with your radiant joy.”

After the communion the Sisters one by one gave their blessings ending with a common blessing read together by all of them.

We had a sumptuous meal after the Mass and we had singing and dancing, rejoicing and celebrating our vocation, God’s call to mission.

By: Sr.Divina Lua