On Friday, 20 May2011, the Chapter Delegates gathered for the election of a new team. The process used is described as follows by the Communications Committee of the Chapter:

“We journeyed through this week in an intensive process of personal and communal discernment. We shared in small and large groups the fruit of our prayerful reflections. Another aspect fo this process was a day of silence and prayer. All this prepared us for the election process which was preceded by a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit. The election itself was a grace-filled experience. We celebrated with a ritual of Thanksgiving later that evening.” 

Meet the members of the new team:

(Front right): Ann Gray, Congregational Leader, from Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland. Ann is a teacher and has worked for many years in Hong Kong and prior to her election she had been studying Mandarin in China in preparation for working there. For more on Ann’s missionary activities in Hong Kong click here.

Clockwise from Ann:

Patricia Quigley who hails from Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland. Patricia is a teacher who has worked in Hong Kong, Ireland and the  U.S. Patricia was a member of the previous Central Leadership Team.

Ann Carbon, from Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines. For more on her background click>>> Also, to follow her work in developing Mental Health Programs and a Mental Health Centre in the Ayacucho area of southern Peru click>>> to access articles on Ann’s ministry in Peru.

Angela Suh, from Gwanju, South Korea. Missioned in Chile, Angela was engaged in Pastoral Ministry in Santiago for some years before returning to Korea to assume the role of Novice Director. Up to her election to the Central Leadership Team she has been involved in Formation and Counselling Ministry in Korea.


Photo of the new Leadership Team taken in Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland

For more photos of the Chapter click here

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