Year of the Ox


On February 12th 2021, we ring in the Year of the Ox, one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and we wish all our sisters and friends a very happy Lunar New Year. 

Those born in the Year of the Ox are said to be a natural leader who is bright, patient, and cheerful.

The Ox has traits of strength, reliability, fairness and conscientiousness, as well as inspiring confidence in others.

This means those born in the year of the Ox – 2021 as well as 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 also share these traits.

They are also thought to be calm, patient, methodical and trustworthy – although also very opinionated, strong-willed and potentially stubborn. 

Lucky numbers for people born in the year of the Ox include one, four and lucky colours include white, green and yellow.

In previous years, celebrations would have taken place in the streets but this may not be the case due to coronavirus restrictions.  London’s annual celebration – the biggest in the world outside of Asia – will be halted this year, due to current UK government guidelines. Despite the lack of such celebrations, we will be united in spirit wherever we are dotted around the globe, and enjoy our menu whatever it is, and rejoice in the midst of so much ‘lockdowns’ and pray for a bright New Year of the Ox.  

Wishing you a very happy

New Year of the Ox.







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