We acknowledge with gratitude that lay people are called by God to share our charism; they are our partners in mission. In different Areas they are known as Associates, Benefactors, Friends of Columban Sisters or Volunteers.


In the introduction to Sister Ita Hannaway’s book, MISSIONARIES HAND-IN-HAND,

Sister Patricia Quigley writes:

            “Participation with the laity has been an integral dimension of our Congregations’  journeys ever since its beginning. It continues to be a privilege for  Columban Sisters to  walk hand in hand with the dedicated laity who inspire and encourage us at a very deep   level of our missionary dedication.”




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    If you wish to be a member of the Columban Sister's Mission Circle
    by prayer and/ or Contribution, please complete the details of below:




    I wish to be a member of the Columban Sisters' Mission Circle by:



    We invite you to become a member of this dedicated group:

    • By prayer
    • and/or contributing towards the support of Columban Sisters.

    As a benefactor, you share in:

    • The daily prayers of the sisters in our communities throughout the world.
    • A Novena of Masses: at Easter, during November and at Christmastide.


    Contact  us

    Postal Address:

    Missionary Sisters of St. Columban

    P.O. Box 2628, Crumlin, Dublin 12.

    Tel: 01 455 5435 Fax: 01 465 2466

    Email : benefactorscolsrs@yahoo.ie  

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