Launching the preparation towards the Centenary of the Columban Sisters.


Sr. Susanna Choi, Congregational Leader of the Columban Sisters, addressed the Sisters worldwide, on the beginning of the preparation of their century as Congregation.

Today one hundred years ago in 1922 on the feast of St. Brigid – the beginning of spring,  the first small group gathered in St. Brigid’s in Cahiracon, the south west of Ireland to begin an extraordinary venture. Today, one hundred years later, we gather on the feast of St. Brigid in the West, and the beginning of Lunar New Year in the East and we give thanks for all that has happened in those 100 years .We now celebrate and rejoice with grateful hearts in our diversity, beauty and richness as Columban Sisters from East and West, North and South.

On this day as we launch into this significant year for us, my heart is full of joy and gratitude for God’s goodness, love and care for each one of us and for our Congregation.

This hymn captures and expresses our story today:

I have carried you on eagles’ wings.

I will care for you in all your years.

My heart is full of peace,

You have been within my life.

Your guiding hand always covered me

I am full of confidence in you.

You have carried me across my years.

Leading me through sorrow and through joy.

No matter how uncertain things may be,

Sometimes through me, sometimes in spite of me.

You seem to find your purpose in my life.

Today, we remember Fr. John Blowick and Mother Mary Patrick who shared a vision and answered a call that lead to the foundation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban. We also honor our First Sisters who responded to the same Call. The seeds of faith, hope and love have grown from generation to generation to this time and to us. We also remember in a very special way the Sisters of Charity who received the first novices in Cahiracon. We also remember Columban Fathers who are our companion and good friends on our Missionary journey. We remember all our families, friends, staff, co-workers, benefactors and all who touched our lives in some way. We are grateful to them.

This year we begin our journey of preparation for the Chapter in 2023. This is a very significant chapter for us as we approach our Centenary celebration beginning from today – the celebration of the entrance of our first sisters. As we celebrate our centenary we are completing one chapter of our congregation’s story and we are beginning another chapter in our story and in God’s love story with us. With full confidence in the Lord, let us move forward –‘full steam ahead’- as we reclaim and celebrate our identity, deepen our spirituality and re-imagine and re-commit ourselves to our mission, in the light of our charism, in our world of huge change and transition.

Today is the beginning of the preparation of our century, and until the centenary of our Foundation Day on the 29th of Sep. 2024, let us continue to rejoice and celebrate with grateful hearts.  

For all that has been we say ‘Thanks’ for all that will be we say ‘Yes’.

Through the intercession of St. Columban and St. Brigid and the Spirit of Lunar New Year, may the loving God continue to bless each one of us and our congregation with gratitude, compassion and joy.


Sr. Susanna Choi.

Jawed Munawar, Christian artist, Hyderabad, Pakistan gathered our 100 years in art form, inserting our logo. To him we are grateful.