Pope Francis invites you to celebrate Laudato Si’ Week.

May 16 – 23, 2020.


Laudato Si’ Week honors the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical on care for our common home. The theme of the week is “everything is connected.”

This week launches a year-long journey of transformation, as we grow through the crisis of the current moment by praying, reflecting, and preparing together for a better world to come tomorrow.

Following Pope Francis’ invitation to join Laudato Si’ Week, Catholics everywhere will reflect and prepare for action 16-24 May.

We’ll put our preparation into action during the Season of Creation this September, when Pope Francis has invited Catholics to pray and act for our common home.

Everything is connected

We’re living through history-shaping events. Laudato Si’ teaches us how to build a better world–together.

People everywhere are crying out for hope, and our faith is urgently needed to light the way. For Laudato Si’ Week, 16-24 May, Catholics are uniting in solidarity for a more just and sustainable future.

Stand united with our brothers and sisters in faith as we grow through the crisis of this moment to build a better tomorrow.

  • Reflect and prepare through online trainings, 16-23 May
  • Join the worldwide day of prayer, 24 May
  • Put preparation into action during the Season of Creation, this September

You are invited to celebrate the week with the global community. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, nearly 5,000 Laudato Si’ Animators from all over the world have been coming together every week to learn how we can create a more just and sustainable future. They’ve fought through enormous challenges to learn, grow, and plan together because a better world is worth it. Their commitment inspires us to unite as a global Catholic family during Laudato Si’ Week, 16-24 May.

From 16 to 23 May, online trainings and workshops will help us learn and grow to create that future together. On Sunday, 24 May at noon local time, we’ll pray in our homes, with small groups online, or wherever we feel most comfortable, creating a global wave of prayer around the world.

It is possible to register online for retreat, workshops etc. during the week.  Register for Laudato Si’ Week now

Laudato Si’ Blessings,