korirl3The commemoration of thirty years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and Ireland was held in Dublin last December. To mark this occasion the Korean Society of Ireland decided to honour the Columban Sisters and St John of God Brothers at their 2013 AGM.

<<<The presentation of a commemorative plaque was made by Sohn Hap Soon De Lap, President of the Irish Korean Society. Sister Mary McHugh received the plaque on behalf of the 52 Columban Sisters who have given generously of their services to the Korean people since 1955. Sisters Mary Nugent and Monica Kelly also attended.

Message on the Plaque of Appreciation:

“On behalf of the Korean community, the Korean Society of Ireland, by this plaque, wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the Missionary Sisters of St Columban to the promotion of friendship between Ireland and Korea, and to thank the Sisters for their contribution, since 1955, to the social development of Korea, soon after the Korean War.”

It was very moving to watch the power point displaying some of our Sisters at work and some of the different undertakings that were carried out in the various areas down through the years in response to changing needs in Korea. It brought us on a trip down memory lane and filled us with much gratitude for all that is and has been.  Great appreciation was expressed for all by the group present. The background music to the power point “You Raise me Up” by West Life was played throughout the showing.

A delicious meal was served and this was followed by a Korean Sing-Song which was most enjoyable.

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Photos:  1. Kaey In Son Clara reads the citation on the plaque in Korean; to her left is the MC, Kim Do Rim; 2. Sister Mary McHugh along with Sohn Hak Soon DE Lap display the plaque; 3. Claire Kim, wife of Kim Do Rim, translating the message.  4.  Choi Young, Xaviour, husband of Kaey In Son Clara, operating  the PowerPoint presentation.Columban Sisters Korea PowePoint Presentation at Korea-Ireland Society 30 Years Celebration    

 We thank God for all His goodness to us down through the years and for the Korean people. We know that His goodness will continue and is continuing through our Korean and all Columban Sisters.

By Sister Mary McHugh, author of “COMPANIONS ON A JOURNEY” – The Story of the Columban Sisters’ Mission to Korea

For very interesting facts about links between Ireland and the Republic of Korea, especially the  http://www.embassyofireland.or.kr/home/index.aspx?id=82913

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