The Columban Center at Store Street  Dublin, organized an Inter- faith Pilgrim Walk of Mercy, in thanksgiving for the Year of Mercy, on 26th November 2016 at 11:00-12:00pm.

It was participated by Columban Fathers, Columban Sisters, Columban Lay Missionaries and Friends of St. Columban’s .


  1. First Pilgrim Stop: BUSARAS- it is the first stop-off point for both migrant and tourists who come from afar and await a welcome from the citizens of Dublin.

First Stop

Dublin Bus Station

Writing a word that associates with BUSARAS


2. Second Pilgrim Stop: famine Monument-  dedicated to those Irish people forced to emigrate during the 19th century Irish famine.

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3. Third Pilgrim Stop: Dublin Bombing- The bombings of 17 may 1974 were a series of coordinated car bombings in Dublin and Monaghan which killed 33 civilians and a full term unborn child and injured almost 300 .

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4. Fourth Pilgrim Stop: Drug Memorial-  The origin dates back 1996 when a Christmas Tree was erected by the residents at this junction by Dublin City council in memory of all those who died from drug related causes. It’s a symbol of hope for the community and particularly for our young people affected by drug abuse.

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5. Fifth Pilgrim Stop:  Lighting of the Advent Wreath at Columban Center

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Gracious God, kindle our lamps, that we may ever shine in your presence and always receive light from you, Perpetual Light, so that our own personal darkness may be overcome and the world’s darkness driven from us.

May the flame of this candle remind us that you are the light of the world and that if we follow you, we will never walk in darkness, but will have the true light of life.Amen

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