Healthy Living 360

An Interview with the author, Dr Mamie Lau.

In the face of terminal illness, one need not despair,
For at the end of the tunnel is light and hope,
as one transcends suffering


The Web Editor (WebE) chats with Dr Mamie Lau (Mamie)

WebE: We have lots to talk about, Mamie, in relation to Healthy Living 360. So let me start by mentioning the correspondence that has been flowing between you and Sister Mary Dillon in Myanmar a. It is best that you explain the connection.

Mamie: Yes, you see, over several years I have researched and developed the material found in Healthy Living 360 through sharing and giving advice to an increasing number of people here in Hong Kong and in several countries. This valuable material is now more available through the publication of Healthy Living 360. But I also wanted to give another dimension to my project, namely from the distribution of the book to generate funds for worthy causes. And being a staunch supporter of the Columban Sisters, I have got to know about the various projects that your Sisters are effecting in different countries. So that gives you a clue as to why Sr Mary Dillon and I have been corresponding.

I greatly admire the work Sister Mary and her team are doing for HIV and AIDS sufferers. Over the past year or more Sr Isobel Loughrey had kindly promoted Healthy Living 360 by making it available at the Sisters’ Holistic Retreat House in Sheko. Some several thousand in US$ has already been passed on to Sr Mary for her work and from time to time she brings me up-to-date on what she has been able to do with the funds generated and has recently sent some photos.*

WebE: Thank you, Mamie, for describing the genesis of Healthy Living 360. A friend, who visited with me the other day browsed through the copy I have here on the table then requested several copies for her colleagues at work. This seems to be the way the word about your book is getting around!
Mamie: I suppose your friend would like the Chinese version. In view of the high demand, I have engaged Caritas Printing Centre to mass produce copies in both English and Chinese. Haven’t they done a superb job!

WebE: Oh yes, the colourful illustrations and pictures came out so beautifully; they certainly help to explain the concepts clearly and make reading the book enjoyable. Like many others who see the eye catching cover – the Happy Face! – would you tell me something about how it came about. Was it computer electronically generated?

ml360bakcovsmalMamie: Oh no! Initially I planned to put the basket of tomato and chilli I grew in my home on the front cover. But my son, Justin, suggested something different and spent a considerable amount of time and energy on the artwork: to make a smiling face and the title with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds. We used our dining table and a big white plate as a base for assembling the smiling face. I invited my 83 year old mother as the first viewer, and she burst out laughing upon seeing the smiling face.

WebE: So Justin has been very involved in the project…

Mamie: Yes, Justin believes that changing to a healthy environmental lifestyle should start from a young age, and the colourful pictures can attract children to read it. Sure enough, a friend of mine took the book home without recommending her two boys to read it. However, they picked it up on their own and comprehended what they read. She is happy that they now have better control of their emotions and have started better eating habits.

WebE: I see, this is the message you want to get across: Be happy and healthy.

Mamie: Yes, but most of all, the purpose underlying the whole project is ‘that God will be glorified and Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer of all humans’.

WebE: Indeed, God is glorified as Healthy Living 360 and your music CDs – ‘I think of you’ have, a part from Hong Kong, made their way to many places: to China, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Philippines, Africa, India, Nepal etc.
Also, I can see that the book is for people of all ages. The knowledge and language are made so simple that even children and persons without much scientific knowledge can understand. By the way, what do you mean by ‘360’ in the title?

Mamie: ‘360’ signifies ‘holistic’. Sound health encompasses not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. It does not come from reliance on drugs, but from a 360o degree change in lifestyle and mindset, embracing new thoughts.

Although the book and my classes have helped numerous people suffering from illnesses like cancer, heart disease, gastro-intestinal and liver/gall bladder problems, allergy, mental illness, influenza, etc., the book is also written for the population at large, that they may re-discover their naturally endowed immunity and self-healing powers, by communicating and listening more attentively to the voice of our vital organs and body parts which are constantly sending signals to us.

WebE: Yes, the people today tend to rely too much on antibiotics, drugs and vaccines that cannot help in the face of mutating viruses and bacteria. Do we not seem helpless?

Mamie: Well, not really. A cheerful temperament enhances our power of immunity. When negative emotional states like feeling irritated, anxious, worried, envious etc, we are under stress physically, mentally and psychologically. A happy healthy life starts from the heart and soul, and extends outwards to the entire body, like an eddy spreading out in a pond, influencing first our close family members, then our friends, colleagues, the society, the human race, and the world at large. Indeed, as the Chinese saying goes, ‘changes start from the individual’s heart.’ There are also many other healthy tips in the book.

WebE: Oh yes, I can see a Chapter on Green Living as well. Indeed, to live environmentally is one of the objectives of us Columbans.

Mamie: There are also topics on meditation, wholesome food, juice therapy, cleansing of toxic wastes from the intestines, liver and gall bladder etc. I have feedback from readers about how they followed the procedures in the book and succeeded in doing the cleansings. I am really very happy that while helping people to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, I can reach out, not only to the HIV and AIDS sufferers in Myanmar, but in addition, the book and CDs have generated generous funds for the Haitian earthquake victims (Jan 2010), and the making of TV programmes and movies that spread the Gospel etc, so that Christ’s love and redemptive work are proclaimed throughout the world.

WebE: Mamie, thank you again for sharing with me. No doubt you will continue to get more positive feedback from all those who read and avail of your book. But let me conclude by offering you a very sincere ‘Thank You’ for what you are doing for the health of so many people and in such creative ways. May the Lord give you continued good health and happiness in all that you do.


For the correspondence and photos from Sister Mary Dillon to Mamie click here

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