Happy Thanksgiving Wishes 2020   

Last Thanksgiving, in November 2019, we were all facing our own myriad struggles, but we did not know what was ahead for our region, the nation, the world. The pandemic of COVID19 added a thick veil of uncertainty. Our daily expectations have changed in 2020 as have our ways of envisioning work, school, relationships. Our neighborhood and nation are not the same — nine months may be gestation for a pregnancy, but there is a predictable outcome when a new life emerges. (Sun Messenger).

Jen Rees sources shared a reflection for 2020 Thanksgiving that would speak to many people today. Many have had a difficult year this year with illness, loss, uncertain employment, and isolation due to COVID-19. The challenges with COVID, markets, trade, weather impacts to crops, online schooling and virtual meetings, societal and family tensions and divisiveness, the election, and many businesses and farm operations hurting financially added much stress to 2020.

With these above-mentioned challenges come the feelings and realities experienced. I’m so blessed with individuals’ trust through conversations and the vulnerability in sharing… conversations around mental wellness, stress, family and financial struggles…

So many hurting. We may never know how greatly a smile, kind words, a visit, a genuine ‘thank you’ can impact another person’s life, especially since we often don’t know the struggles others are experiencing. But these simple acts may just help someone in the midst of a dark or difficult time. They may also save a life.

My hope and prayer in writing this is that we seek kindness, seek connection, choose to more intentionally seek gratitude, and share with others how they’ve positively impacted our lives.

Take care and stay safe in these uncertain times.

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving!




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