It’s all in the family.  Sisters Mary Laetitia Talanay and Mercedes Ventenilla celebrated their Golden Jubilee surround by their families — the Talanays from Morong, Rizal, the Ventenillas from Lingayen, Pangasinan and the Columbans from the four corners of the world!  The happy gathering of families was held in San Juan. withbibaweb

The celebration began with a Euchatristic Liturgy presided by Rev. John Leydon, SSC, parish priest of Malate Parish.

With the presence of the Columban students the choir came out strong and clear.  Sisters Sofia Natama and Venus Vega preceeded the offertory procession with a beautiful dance.  Immediate  members of the jubilarian families took part in the offering of gifts.  A  priest relative of Sister Mercy Ventenilla came all the way from Pangasinan to concelebrate, and the Columban Sisters’ Lay Associates facilitated by Sister Mary Laetitia came in full force.  It was indeed “all in the family” and the whole family had a joyful gathering to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sisters Mary Laetitia and Mercedes.

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