Dear Mission Partners, Benefactors, Families and Friends,

It is with joy and gratitude to God and to you that we, the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban (popularly known as the Columban Sisters) will celebrate on September 29,2024 the first Centenary of the Profession of our first Sisters and our founding as a religious Congregation within the Church.

This is a significant milestone in our Congregation, and we remember with gratitude Father John Blowick and Mother Mary Patrick Moloney, who founded the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban in 1924. Their passion and inspiration to sow the seed of faith encouraged seven courageous women to follow their footsteps and bring God’s love and mercy to all people. Those footsteps which began in Ireland has inspired hundreds of committed and multicultural women to reach out across the globe to China, Hong Kong, USA, Philippines, Burma(Myanmar)Britain, Korea, Peru, Chile and Pakistan, to tell the world of God’s love and compassion.

Over the past 100 years our families, loved ones and friends have supported us and continue to do so as try to faithfully live out our missionary call to fully partake in the mission of Christ among the people living in poverty, oppressive situations and ever changing climate situations. You were their strength as they embraced the uncertainties, the unknown and the fragility of life that they found themselves in.

I had the privilege of visiting most of the mission places where our Sisters have lived and in many cases are still living since our beginnings. One thing I found very inspiring during those visits was meeting people and hearing stories from those who had been touched by the life and faith of our Sisters. Stories of gratitude of how much they have been helped, accompanied, listened to and loved by the Sisters, especially during the challenging moments of their lives. It is wonderful to be remembered and above all to know that our presence among the people has been a beacon of light to reconnect and lead them closer to God and in some cases to reconnect with our God.

All the stories in the different missions were not possible and are still not possible without you, our co missionaries and your unwavering help in sharing with us your gifts. We value your moral, spiritual and financial support. Your generosity and faithfulness are truly and inspiration and blessing as we experience and discover together God’s fidelity to each one of us and to his people. We are truly and sincerely grateful to you all for journeying with us and being part of our Columban family.

Pray for us that we will continue to be faithful and to embrace with courage the challenges of today. I am happy to let you know that we continue to receive new life in the Congregation from Myanmar, Korea and the Philippines. May we continue to be blessed with courageous young women who, like our First Sisters, will follow the invitation of Christ to be witnesses of God’s love and hope in the midst of our broken world and fragile planet.

I pray that God will continue to bless you, your families and loved ones. May we all continue to respond to God’s invitation to be bearers of compassion and hope to people who are less fortunate than we are.

With much gratitude and prayers,

Sr. Anne Carbon

Congregational Leader