“Judged by any standard, our recent fundraiser was a huge success. During the entire event, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for God’s goodness, particularly as it manifested itself that afternoon.

Sr 2-2 (1)
Columban Fathers and Columban Sisters
sister 1-2
Columban Sisters: R-L( Sisters Ashwena Apao,Margaret Devine, Virgie Mozo and Amy baybay)



The spirit and atmosphere of the hall was a peaceful happy one.  Friends were meeting and connecting with each other.  New people were being welcomed, and drawn into conversation.  Some even went around to different tables to chat and reminisce. It was heart-warming to observe so many people enjoying each other’s company.

Sr. Virgie Mozo with Joseph Stanton

Sr 3-2
Joe Stapleton(member of Dance Committee), Srs. Margaret Devine and Ashwena Apao

Sr 13
Sr. Virgie Mozo with Tom Gallagher(cousin of Sr. Rose Gallagher) and Bernadette McLoughlin

Our chosen band, Erin’s Melody, with band leader Margaret Dalton provided the music.  Once the music began the dancers were in their element, and the good thing was the music was modulated in such a way that people could converse without difficulty.

A lot of planning, preparation and work had gone into making the occasion a success.  In addition we had been praying that the weather would cooperate, and it turned out to be a beautiful autumn day.  Although the Boston Patriots were playing, and some of the fans were there, they were able to keep   in touch with the progress of the game.

Two dance groups, both Chinese and Filipino entertained us during the intermission and these cultural programs delighted the attendees.

 Sr 6  Sr 4 Sr 5

A Waterford Lamp, the gift of Pat Mac Naught, was offered as a second prize, and it was won by Mary Mc Devitt who is also a member of our Dance Committee.  We were delighted that Mary won the coveted lamp.

A New Yorker, Elaine, won the first prize, and upon hearing the news her instant response was, “I cannot accept that prize from a charity.”  Similarly, Joseph who won the third prize declined to take it. Previously, Joseph had lived near our convent in Hyde Park, and he had great memories of the Sisters.  Joseph’s two sons were altar boys for the Sunday Mass, and he fondly recalled Sister Mary Austin’s special attention to his boys.

Yes, our fundraiser was a wonderful success, as much for the benefit of the Columban Sisters’ Missions as for the genuine sense of joy, friendship and generosity that lasted for the entire evening.   For this we are deeply grateful.”

by : Sister Margaret Devine

Sr. Margaret was missioned in the Philippines for many years and is presently on mission in the United States.