Excerpt from Sr Mary Dillon’s letter of 1st Feb 2010
My dear Mamie

I really want to express my sincere ‘Thank You’ for all the generous work you do for the suffering people of this world and especially the children and families affected by the HIV disease here in Myanmar.
Your very generous financial donation last summer that Sister Isobel passed on to me, covered the cost of 44 children attending middle school. It covered the school fees, uniform, bag, material and rain wear. When the school fees were paid we had US$700 left over, so in December we bought warm jackets for the wee children – again – thank you.

Our Home for the sick AIDS people is on great demand. During 2009, one hundred and fifteen people were admitted there. Most of these patients stayed between 3 to 5 months each. It is really a great joy to see patients daily regaining their strength and eventually being able to return to their families. Sadly 13 of the patients that were admitted died while with us; 9 of these patients were people who were abandoned by their families. Their final moments in this life were in our presence and their funeral ritual we took care of with dignity and respect…………

In April of this year we have planned a summer camp of two weeks for 30 children affected by HIV – between the ages of 5 years and 14 years. I have a Team of 10 carers who will run the program. A funding agency in Germany is covering the cost and will do so for 2011 and 2012. My deep hope is that the children will be able to enjoy a time of fun and be able ‘to be children’.

Two days ago I had a phone call from Isobel telling me that you have another donation to send for our work. This time I am going to use this money Mamie for repairing houses of three HIV families. I will enclose photos of their present houses and a little information on each family for you. The houses will be made from Bamboo and thatch and we will have local wood dry toilets installed. Later in the year when they are completed I will send some photos on to you.

On behalf of all the people who are HIV positive that we work with here in Myitkyina I say ‘thanks for thinking of us’

With much love and gratitude always,

Sr Mary Dillon

Excerpt from letter of 21 June 2010:

Thank you very much, Mamie, for your welcome letter with your big donation to help the poor HIV sufferers. Also, for your really very nice and relaxing CD and manual for Healthy Living 360; I really enjoyed listening to the music. I was thinking of your manual when reading a book a while ago called Anatomy of the Spirit. It deals with the human energy field that each of us holds within us … all encouraging each of us towards healing.

ml360_cdthinkyouAnyway, Mamie I am really grateful for your generous donation (from charity sale of the Healthy Living 360 and music CDs) for the HIV persons and their families.

With your last gift we have helped three families rebuild their bamboo homes. We did them again with new bamboo and thatch; we also provided each of them with dry outdoor toilets. It is so nice to visit them these days with we have very heavy monsoon rains and find them so comfortable and protected from the elements. One of these homes we covered with plastic last year – it is so much more permanent this year with new thatch. In one of the other homes that we had redone the father tells us that his health even has improved since he moved into the new house.

You see Mamie, you have brought joy and happiness to people in need. I know that the Lord will reward you in many ways.

Yours gratefully,

Sister Mary Dillon

Photos of the houses Sr Mary and her Team were concentrating on for necessary repairs

The 'leaning house' badly in need of repair. Rt >>  dry toilet provided for each of the three families
The ‘leaning house’ badly in need of repair. Rt >>
dry toilet provided for each of the three families
New thatch in place before the rains arrive!
New thatch in place before the rains arrive!
Ready for a new roof of thatch
Ready for a new roof of thatch

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