Final Vows of Sr. Maria Kim, SSC, Seoul Korea 2023


“I made perpetual vows on 11th of February 2023, in DonAm Dong Church, Seoul, Korea and I have chosen ‘Invisible God the first born of all creation.‘  as my motto which is engraved  on my ring and is taken from the New Testament: St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians. A  French Bishop, MEP was the chief celebrant.


When I look back on my past journey, God was with me always as an invisible God and He   has invited, shown and taught me about the worth of invisible things more than visible ones   through all the people and events in my life. Therefore, I could say ‘Yes!’ to the calling from God with my hopes for the world, people and myself in sincerity as it is all God’s working.

I appreciated all my experiences as a Columban Sister such as my initial formation, Myanmar mission, even my Covid experience in Korea and recently my Final Vows preparation time in Ireland. Every moment became a good source of reflection on God, and a precious treasure    for me to live as a missionary Sister.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our sisters who pray and support me and for all the people who supported me along my journey. And please pray for my new mission in the Philippines with the invisible God continually accompanying me”.