Final Profession of Sr. Paulina Yang, Seoul, 2019.

On September 28th 2019, Sr. Paulina Yang made her Final Commitment as a Columban Sister in                 St. Patrick’s Church, Donam-Dong Parish, in the presence of Bishop Peter Soontaek Chung, 20 priests, Columban Sisters and friends. 

Her parents stood bravely by her side as she handed over her life to God and to the Congregation wholeheartedly and freely. May they be blessed and may Sr. Paulina do great things for the Lord.  


The readings she chose for the Eucharistic Celebration were:  Numbers 9: 15 – 23; Romans 12: 9 – 18; John 17: 20 – 26. 

She chose the first reading because it spoke to her heart and her lived experience as a missionary.  It is the story of the Israelites who were trying to find out God’s intention for them so they “at the direction of the LORD broke camp, and at the LORD’s direction they pitched camp.”                                                  Sr. Paulina would like to follow God’s calling as a Missionary Columban Sister in the same manner so that at the Lord’s command she is willing to pitch her tent wherever He wishes her to be and if God desires her to move on, she will pick up her tent at the Lord’s command and pitch it elsewhere knowing that the Lord is with her always.  Hence the motto she got engraved in her ring is the Scripture text: I Am With You Always.


 Also through her experiences as a Columban Sister, she “deeply feels God’s love, so I have a zeal for mission to share God’s love with other people”. (John 17, 23)



Here I am Lord, send me.

Heartiest Congratulations Sr. Paulina and may the Lord bless you abundantly as you are called to love and sent to serve as a Columban missionary in our world today.