mmarathon1“Inner City Helping Homeless“ (ICHH) was the key focus last month when  the Friends of St Columban launched its Women’s Mini Marathon Fund Raising Event. The date: June 1st 2015; the venue: DUBLIN. And we are inviting our friends to participate with us.

Since this year we are commemorating the 14th centenary of the death of St Columban, one of the greatest Missionaries of all time, many celebratory events are happening in Europe and here in Ireland.  We, “the Friends of St Columban” have decided that our contribution to this commemoration would be to participate in this mini marathon event in support of local needs in the inner city of Dublin thus following in the spirit of St. Columban who always reached out to the needy and marginalized.

Walk Launch 14
Sr Monica Kelly with the Lord Mayor of Dublin,      Independent Councillor Christy Burke

Walk Launch 24
Councillor Burke describing the work of ICHH which was formed in Nov 2013 to respond to the needs of Dublin’s Homeless.
Walk Launch 15 Walk Launch 23 Walk Launch 19

We held a coffee morning at our Columban Centre, 13 Store Street to launch this event.  We invited our friends, representatives of “Inner City Helping Homeless” (ICHH) and Dublin City Lord Mayor, who is a Board member and volunteer of the ICHH, to address us on the work of this dedicated group.

Many friends attended, including several Columban Sisters. All wore the T Shirt, provided by one of our sponsors , with the logo of Friends of St Columban and the Bobbio Bridge and registered to participate in the Mini Marathon.  Dean & Michaela of ICHH gave us very touching & personal insights as to their experience of direct contact with vulnerable and homeless people night after night on the streets.  We also learned that Drug users & Alcoholics are not the only Homeless people.  Anyone can become homeless today.  Michaela shared how she found it so distressing to find pregnant women homeless in the streets and has received so much from her experience. She said, “We only look down on someone in order to raise him/her up”.  Mayor Christy Burke strongly affirmed and emphasized this essential work today and was loud in praise of the people of all ages who are out every night of the week sharing compassion & kindness with our neighbours, who for whatever reason find themselves homeless.

This was a very pleasant event for all who could attend.  Food & friendship was shared between new & old friends. Everyone joined with their gifts & creativity to make the gathering very enjoyable. Of course the purpose of it all was to reach out to our neighbours and to invite participation and sponsorship for this fund raising event.   We are happy that  it has got off to good start.



  We are a group of lay people and Columban Missionaries inspired by our Patron St. Columban’s love for Christ. His motto “Let us be Christ’s, not our own“.

To celebrate the 14th centenary of the death of St. Columban (615-2015) we want to contribute to the needs in our country in the spirit of St. Columban who always reached out to the needy and marginalized.

We are participating in the “Women’s Mini Marathon” on June 1st 2015 to raise money to support the “Inner city Help Homeless” (ICHH). Your sponsorship can help us help people in real need.

Charity Number: CHY 540595

You can contact us at:

Columban Centre, 13 Store Street, Dublin 1


Telephone: 01 8942978