We celebrated our 60 years of mission in Korea on October 24th and had a joyful and meaningful thanksgiving Mass in our Parish here in Donam.  Bishop Chung Soon-Taick Petrus, Auxiliary Bishop in Seoul Diocese, presided and many priests concelebrated with him including the Parish priest, Columban priests and two priests from the Chun Cheon Diocese, who have been friends of our Sisters in Chun Cheon for many years.


Towards the end of Mass a power point was presented, which included a photograph of Sr. Rosarii and others from her time in Hallim.  Sr. Yoon Mi, spoke about Rosarii and her 3 companions who arrived in Korea 60 years ago.  It was sad but very special and meaningful that Sr. Rosarii’s funeral Mass was celebrated on the same day in Magheramore, all in God’s plan for Rosarii and for us.  All of you Sisters, who contributed so much to the Korean people during the many years you were here, were remembered during the Mass.


Then a big surprise when the names of the seniors among us were called out and we were asked to come and stand in front of the Alter facing the congregation!  Not knowing what was happening we obeyed the order and stood there, somewhat embarrassed, then our Korean Sisters presented each one with a bouquet of flowers.  There was no sign of the flowers before Mass, they were well hidden from our eyes until the right moment came. After having seated us they sang a song for us. How very kind and thoughtful of them

After the photographs were taken we moved to our garden where tables and chairs were arranged for the meal.  Thank God the weather was kind to us after heavy rain early that morning.  A delicious meal was had by all while old times were talked about and stories shared of bygone years.  It was good to see many old and new friends and benefactors from far and near.  Mokpo and Chun Cheon were well represented as were many religious groups.  John Kim, who helped our 4 Sisters, Enda, Martha, Dorothea and Rosarri in the very beginning and continued to do so for many years and is now a generous benefactor, was there with his daughter, Cecilia, and was able to take part in the offertory procession, didn’t even need the help of a walking stick.


Cecilia gifted us with a big 3 tier cake for the occasion, which ensured there was enough for the multitude with some left over .All in all it was a lovely day and we all felt gratitude in our hearts for the great things God has done for us in Korea during the past 60 years.




By: Sr. Rita Moore,SSC

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