Columban Sisters Farewell to Hong Kong

(Excerpts from the Hong Kong Sunday Examiner 22 November 2015)

“Sixty seven years make up a substantial portion of any one lifetime, even a significant period in the brief history of Hong Kong, but less than a blink of the eye in the time frame of the divine.

However, it is not by the number of years that we measured the contribution to life and society of those who walk this earth, but the quality of commitment, breadth of imagination, ingenuity in work and, most especially, depth of love.

The Missionary Sisters of St. Columban surpass in all four. Although, never numerous, they brought creative, meticulous and high quality medical care to Hong Kong, inject great ingenuity into their schools, imagination into palliative care And the city had never dreamed of, walked among and welcomed sex workers and were creative in cancer counselling, as well as prison and chaplaincy services.

As the Sisters, prepare to leave, they reflected “We journey with Christ, sharing his mission even to the giving of life itself. Together with Him we face insecurities, including the call to let go and move on, not always sure of the way…”

Today, 15th December 2015, the last 3 Sisters working in Hong Kong arrived back in Ireland. Naturally, it wasa very emotional moment of welcome for them as they met the Sisters and talked with their families.

Sisters Mary Anthony Ryan, Patricia Byrne and Isobel Loughrey arrived at Dublin airport

With Sisters Sheila Crowe and Anne Ryan


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