Columban Mission Spirituality


Touched and set on fire by God’s love which is the source of our charism, we  are called and sent in a spirit of compassion and solidarity to our fast changing world where we see:

–  the collapsing of structures at all level, e.g. family life, church, state, economy, ecology

–  devastating poverty and hunger

–  inter- religious conflicts and lack of religious freedom

–  an ever increasing movement of peoples including refugees, women and  children who are trafficked

–  wholesale exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the many

 And yet, side by side with these realities, we also see :

– a global consciousness of searching/ reaching for the Divine

– an increased awareness of the uniqueness, diversity, connectedness of all life

We are sustained and nourished by a spirituality which springs from contemplation and moves us to prophetic action and dialogue.  


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