Christmas Greetings 2022


We Columban Sisters wish all our families, friends, benefactors, everyone a very blessed Christmas and New Year.

May the Christ child find a place in all our hearts and may His peace come upon earth and end wars. 

Pope Francis shared for this Christmas:



Christmas is celebrating the unexpected of God, or better, celebrating the unexpected God, who overturns our logic and our expectations.

Celebrating Christmas, then, means welcoming on earth the surprises of Heaven. One cannot live solely on the earth when Heaven has brought its newness into the world. Christmas inaugurates a new age, in which life is not planned, but given; in which one lives not for oneself, on the basis of one’s own tastes, but for God, and with God, because from Christmas onwards God is God-with-us, Who lives with us, Who walks with us. Living Christmas means letting oneself be shaken by its surprising newness. Jesus’ Christmas does not offer the reassuring warmth of the hearth, but the divine tremor that shakes history. Christmas is the victory of humility over arrogance, of simplicity over abundance, of silence over hubbub, of prayer over “my time”, of God over my “I”.

Celebrating Christmas is doing as Jesus did, He Who came for us in need, and coming down towards those who need us. It is doing as Mary did: trusting, obedient to God, even without understanding what He will do.

Blessing for Christmas

 by John O’Donoghue

                                                                      May the humility of the shepherds,                                                                     

The perseverance of the wise men,
The joy of the angels,
And the peace of the Christ child
Be God’s gift to us and to people everywhere
This Christmas-time.
And may the blessing of the Christ child
Be always upon us.


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