Call to Prayer for Myanmar.

Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace to each one of you, as we accompany the people of Myanmar at this critical time in their history.  We are consoled to know that the presence of our sisters and priests, a ‘little flock’ there in the midst of all this suffering, is a source of support and hope for the people.  We can only hold them all in prayer from a distance but we know that there is no ‘distance’ in prayer.

Therefore as Columban Sisters in solidarity with them, we would like to invite you to join us in a day of special prayer for the people in Myanmar on Monday 22nd February. That date is chosen because the whole country will be united in one mind and ‘effort’ on that day as they brave the elements of all that is against them. It is up to you how you pray, light a candle, say the rosary as this is a great bonding force of strength among the people in Myanmar at this time; pray with others in our work places, whatever, so long as we direct all our love, prayer and energies towards Myanmar. In this way the people will feel our support and hope for them at this dark time.  Please feel free to share how you intend to be united with them on Facebook as we are a community in solidarity with them.

United with you all at this critical time.

Columban Sisters.


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