?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Perched on top of one of the many hills that make up the Pueblo of Cristo Rey in San Juan de Lurigancho (on the outskirts of Lima, Peru) is the chapel and parish centre of Señor de los Milagros. 

For many years the Columban Sisters have worked in this area trying to meet the needs of the ever-expanding population that year after year come to these hills in search of a place to live.



It was a great joy for us to have Ann Gray and Anne Carbon present last Sunday together with our Sisters Susana, Martina and Mary Neylon for the Inauguration of the recent works organized by Young Mi which have transformed  the Chapel in Cristo Rey. 

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????These works include a retaining wall which was very badly needed for the security of those who attend the chapel and an accessible opening from the road.  Before it was a real climb to get up, whereas now it is much easier and there are a mere 58 steps up to the chapel – on other cerros people have hundreds of steps to climb up to their houses… 

The Chapel inside had no real focus.  Now you can see from the pictures below how nicely designed the new wall and tabernacle are.  This was carved by a man from the area and it is a beautiful job. 


        cristorey7                   cristorey9         

 On Sunday Columban Associate Fr Peter Carlin did the blessing.  The community of Cristo Rey were delighted to welcome people from the other chapels in the parish and provided an abundance of food for the visitors from their own resources.  


Sisters Martina, Ann Gray and Young Mi  


  Fr Carlin and people assembled for the Blessing  


“It is good for us to be here!”

 Cristo Rey has a huge population, but does not have any school or medical services.  However, now it can boast of a worthy place for worship and service of the community.

  High up above Lima, an occasion to remember for Sr Young Mi and her merry band: 

The inauguration of the new  retaining wall bringing safety to all!                                                         

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 Account sent by Columban Sister Maura Gallahue


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